Online Dynasties Now Viewable on EASW

Posted October 18th, 2008 at 7:32 pm

The EA Sports World functionality that allows an online dynasty in NCAA Football 09 to be viewed online has is available now. You can go directly to the NCAA Football 09 online dynasty page of EASW by clicking here.

This has apparently been functioning for a few weeks now, however it appears that you are left hanging when in the off-season portion of the dynasty. The page will just show a constant “loading” message. If it isn’t going to display anything during the off-season then they really should have some sort of notification when pulling it up on the website. As it is now it just makes it seems as though the feature doesn’t work. Once in the preseason you get the message that “this dynasty has not yet started” which at least lets you know it’ll be showing up once advancing into the regular season.

What can you view from the website? Just the basic information that you would be able to see from dynasty central in the game. Records, tasks, and games for the week as either complete or incomplete. Even though it isn’t offering more (such as being able to look through statistics) it is a welcome addition making for a much more convenient way to check on the status of a dynasty rather than having to fire up the game to do so. Just know that the result of games on display are reversed. So if a user team won 34-20 it’ll show it as “Loss 20-34”.