The Line Drive

Posted October 18th, 2008 at 9:11 am

  • Operation Sports has posted another producer blog for NCAA Basketball 09. This one focuses on the feedback that was received at the community event and changes that have taken place in direct response to it.
  • FIFA 09 was released this last week to overwhelming praise. While it is difficult for me to imagine finding long-term appeal in a soccer game I would’ve said the same about a hockey game before playing NHL 09. Look for some basic impressions and a write-up on the 10 vs 10 Online Team Play in the near future.
  • I picked up a copy of Blitz the League II and will post up some videos and general impressions soon. While I didn’t play the first one I know there were people out there who really enjoyed it. I was a little turned off by the excessive nature of the original but I don’t feel that same way right now. I’ve only gotten in about just over an hour so far but I’ve already come across some cool things. I generally like arcade style games when they have real elements of strategy to them without just being frustrating. The BIGS is a great example of that. My feeling right now is that Blitz may fall into that category.
  • Continue sending in your NBA 2K9 and NBA Live 09 highlights for consideration. I’ve received a bunch for each game already. The deadline for submissions comes at the end of Wednesday. Make sure to get yours in via the contact form along with your valid email address and your PSN or gamertag.