NBA Live 365 Now Somewhat Updated

Posted November 2nd, 2008 at 10:06 am

After the initial delays in getting NBA Live 09’s 365 feature pushed out, the first update is currently available for both the PS3 and 360. From here on out it there should be a new update every day after at least one NBA game is played.

Now though EA is stating that they are not going to update the DNA for a few more days. Until then it’ll just be the rosters and rotations that are adjusted based on the previous night’s games and the Rewind games. It’s frustrating to have to wait on the DNA (and previously the start of 365) when they could provide it immediately especially considering the data is optional to use. Understanding that just one or two games worth of data wouldn’t provide the most accurate look at players and teams at least we’d be able to see the changes and how it is all going to work as the season progresses.

Instead, what we have is an update that has made every player and team’s DNA identical. Which seems worse than giving us the DNA based on the first 1-3 games that has been played by each team. The Rewind games are currently available for ones played up through 10/31 and the DNA is displaying differently within them.