Looking At Some Early NBA Live DNA Changes

Posted November 8th, 2008 at 11:53 am

While there continue to be some hiccups involved with the 365 feature in NBA Live 09 much of it now appears to be working. The data from the games so far this year is feeding in providing the Rewind games (though they are several days behind) and DNA changes. The more games that are played the more accurate the DNA should be. Still I thought it would be interesting to look at a handful of players and see how their DNA compares to what originally shipped on the game.

There is nothing out there that even compares to what is being done with 365 and what it will mean to the game throughout the year. It’ll be interesting to follow all the changes and see how the players and teams evolve and I’ll be doing regular articles about it. Not just for those playing the game but also for NBA fans who would find this info intriguing. I’m especially looking forward to seeing how the Nuggets and Pistons evolve following the Billups-Iverson trade. Continue on for a look at 14 players and how their DNA as of 11/7 compares to the default.

The number one pick in the draft Derek Rose shows that early on he is performing somewhat as expected. Not everyone will see huge changes in DNA and Rose thus far is an example of that.

On the other end of the spectrum is Michael Beasley who displays how the DNA can shift quite drastically. While only a few games to go on you can see some big differences with the Heat. He is spotting up more and isn’t running off-ball screens.

Like Beasley, OJ Mayo is showing major changes compared to the shipped DNA. He has been predominantly a pick and roll ball handler.

Kevin Love has been spotting up more and posting up less early on with the Timberwolves.  He also hasn’t been involved in many pick and rolls.

Rudy Fernandez is spotting up more for the Blazers and seeing less time in isolation.

Elton Brand went from the Clippers to the 76ers but the early results show he is playing practically the same way as he did before.

Similar to Brand you can see that Baron Davis hasn’t changed much since leaving the Warriors for the Clippers.

Mo Williams joined the Cavs and playing with Lebron James isn’t leading to much of a drastic difference in his style so far.  He’s spotting up a little more which could be a product of how much Lebron handles the ball.

On the Hornets you can see that James Posey is almost exclusively a spot-up jump shooter.

Chris Bosh has benefited from the acquisition of Jermaine O’Neal. His DNA so far shows he is posting up more taking away from how much he is spotting up or involved in pick and rolls.

Bringing in Michael Beasley has resulted (at least partially) in Shawn Marion becoming more of a spot-up shooter for the Heat.

This season Kobe Bryant has been in isolation situations more often than before. I’m not sure why that may be the case and I’d expect that to be reduced as the season goes on.

Having Tyson Chandler in only two of the four games hasn’t affected Chris Paul’s DNA much. He remains primarily a pick and roll ball handler regardless.

Despite having Mo Williams at PG there isn’t any significant shifts in Lebron James’ DNA. Slightly less pick and roll and spotting up with slightly more isolation and posting up. The balance appears to be about the same.