Madden 09 Roster Update #12 Details

Posted November 20th, 2008 at 1:12 pm

While roster update #11 only lasted something like a day before disappearing, it was at least out there which makes this week’s update #12 of season. It is expected to be available for download sometime tomorrow. From browsing through it not much jumped out at me other than a couple good players heading to the IR.

Continue on for all the transactions, ratings up/down, contract extensions, and injuries.

WR Antonio Chatman – Released to FA (IR)
LB Abdul Hodge – Released to FA (IR)
LB John DiGiorgio – Released to FA (IR)
LB Marcus Buggs – Added to Bills
FB/LB Spencer Larsen – Added to Broncos
LB Geno Hayes – Released to FA (IR)
LB Matt McCoy – Signs with Bucs
LB Derek Smith – Released by Chargers
HB Michael Bennett – Signs with Chargers
LB Erik Walden – Released by Chiefs
HB Dantrell Savage – Released by Chiefs
CB Nick Graham – Released to FA (IR)
LB Rob Ninkovich – Signs with Dolphins
T Jacob Bender – Signs with 49ers
C/G Drew Miller – Signs with Jaguars
LB Jason Trusnik – Added to Jets
G Stanley Daniels – Added to Jets (Practice Squad)
S LaMarcus Hicks – Released by Lions
WR Adam Jennings – Signs with Lions
LB Gilbert Gardner – Released by Lions
LB Anthony Cannon – Added to Lions
C Brennen Carvalho – Added to Packers (Practice Squad)
DE KGB – Released by Packers
DE Kenny Pettway – Added to Packers
CB Mike Richardson – Added to Patriots
TE John Madsen – Released by Raiders
FB Jason Davis – Released by Raiders
G Junius Coston – Signs with Raiders
CB Justin Miller – Signs with Raiders
LT Anthony Davis – Signs with Rams
DT Brandon McKinney – Added to Ravens
TE Mark Campbell – Released to FA (IR)
HB Aaron Stecker – Released to FA (IR)
DT Brian Young – Released to FA (IR)
CB Leigh Torrence – Signs with Saints
HB Mike Bell – Signs with Saints
FB Darian Barnes – Signs with Saints
G Jeremy Parquet – Added to Steelers

Ratings Up
S Mike Brown – Bears – 87 to 88 – Was flashing big time hit power in Sunday’s debacle to the Packers.
T John St. Clair – Bears – 73 to 76 – Has played better than expected or past performance would indicate. Chris Williams is back now so he might be moving to the bench at some point.
FB Peyton Hillis – Broncos – 78 to 79 – Got a trucking increase by showing he can move the pile at the NFL level vs. the Falcons.
HB Jerome Harrison – Browns – 77 to 78 – Got a speed increase after he turned on the jets Monday night.
CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie – 80 to 81 – Flashed big ability in grapping a couple picks vs. the Seahawks.
DT Glenn Dorsey – Chiefs – 80 to 82 – Has made more plays recently, especially in last week’s game vs. the Saints.
LB Joey Porter – Dolphins – 92 to 94 – Continues to be a monster off the edge.
LB Stewart Bradley – Eagles – 80 to 81 –
DE Darren Howard – Eagles – 82 to 84 – Is thriving in the ‘Justin Tuck’ role. Playing inside on passing downs has revived his career.
DT Jonathan Babineaux – Falcons – 82 to 84 – Is having a big year with 7 tackles for loss thus far.
DE Jamaal Anderson – Falcons – 81 to 82 – Is starting to pressure the QB more frequently after not having a sack his rookie year.
C Shaun O’Hara – Giants – 92 to 94 – Dominated Justin Bannan one on one in the Giants big day over the Ravens.
FB Madison Hedgecock – Giants – 88 to 89 – Has had quite the resurgence after being released by the Rams last season.
S Michael Johnson – 81 to 83 – Looks to have won the fight with Kenny Phillips. Has played very well in coverage this season. Phillips and Johnson now start together.
HB Derrick Ward – Giants – 82 to 84 – Signed a 1 year deal this year and looks to cash in this offseason in free agency after a big season with the best O-line going.
HB Ahmad Bradshaw – Giants – 82 to 83 – Looks to have his role expanded next season as the key backup.
G Rich Seubert – Giants – 91 to 92 – Starts at LG for the dominate offensive line in pro football.
G Chris Snee – Giants – 95 to 96 – One of or the dominate RG in the NFL.
LB Justin Durant – Jaguars – 83 to 85 – Speedy LB for the Jags who will be a big part of the defense for many years.
S Gerald Sensabaugh – Jaguars – 79 to 81 – Starting now at safety for the Jaguars after moving the former starter back to cornerback.
HB Leon Washington – Jets – 82 to 83 – Got some more speed after making some big plays against the Patriots that the Jets had to have.
S Abram Elam – Jets – 76 to 79 – Has been making big plays and is now starting again at safety after being a backup earlier in the year.
TE Dustin Keller – Jets – 80 to 82 – Looks to be developing chemistry with Brett Favre. He will need to be clicking against undefeated Tennessee.
HB Thomas Jones – Jets – 89 to 90 – Had to have heard Leon Washington’s footsteps and has returned in a big way after a down year last year. The upgrade to the OL surely helped.
QB Matt Cassell – Patriots – 78 to 79 – Got a boost in speed and acceleration as he showed scrambling ability vs. the Jets. Still someone is gonna pay this guy way too much.
LB Gary Guyton – Patriots – 73 to 78 – The Pats 3rd MLB gets plenty of time and valuable experience as he will no doubt be a starter.
DE Aaron Smith – Steelers – 96 to 97 – Continued to be dominate and cave in the right side of the offensive line.
LB LaMarr Woodley – Steelers – 87 to 88 – Made a play in coverage last week in addition to making plays rushing the passer.
LB James Harrison – Steelers – 95 to 96 –
LB Xavier Adibi – Texans – 73 to 76 – Had a big game filling in for injured starter Morlon Greenwood.
CB Chris Carr – Titans – 71 to 76 – The star of the Jags/Titans game. Showed he can play CB in the NFL.
QB Kerry Collins – Titans – 81 to 82 – Showed the cannon a couple times vs. the Jags.
WR Justin Gage – Titans – 80 to 81 – Got a speed increase after he proved he is healthy vs. the Jags with some big plays.
LB Chad Greenway – Vikings – 88 to 89 – Has been the one that stepped up after the loss of E.J. Henderson.

Ratings Down
QB Trent Edwards – Bills – 83 to 82 – Continued his string of poor performances on Monday night vs. the Browns.
S Calvin Lowry – Broncos – 77 to 75 – Made some very bad plays in pursuit vs. the Falcons.
CB Karl Paymah – Broncos – 77 to 73 – Did a lot of damage to his value by his poor play this season.
CB Brandon McDonald – Browns – 82 to 78 – Was demoted in the Browns secondary. Not a good thing for longevity.
WR Braylon Edwards – Browns – 95 to 92 – Catching was lowered due to his ability not to be able to hang onto the ball.
WR Patrick Crayton – Cowboys – 82 to 80 – Might have his role expanded after the injury to Miles Austin. Was not involved with the addition of Roy Williams and the emergence of Austin.
CB Drayton Florence – Jaguars – 85 to 81 – Was demoted to nickel back causing a shift in the secondary. Was burned last week vs. the Titans.
DT Rob Meier – Jaguars – 86 to 82 – Has not played as well as he did last season.
DE Paul Spicer – Jaguars – 86 to 83 – Another guy on the Jags defensive line not playing to expectations.
LB Ernie Sims – Lions – 93 to 91 – Has not been a difference maker on defense.
S Michael Huff – Raiders – 85 to 78 – Facts are facts. This guy is a bust.
LT Kwame Harris – Raiders – 78 to 74 – On the short list for worst starting LT in the league. Leads the league in false starts.
QB JaMarcus Russell – Raiders – 79 to 75 – Continues to display very bad downfield accuracy. Anytime he is off the Raiders play calling leash he shows how long he still has to go.
CB Tye Hill – Rams – 81 to 75 – This year has been a disaster after he expected big things at the start of the season.
DT La’Roi Glover – Rams – 82 to 78 – Has now been relegated to being blown off the ball as a backup.
LB Will Witherspoon – Rams – 90 to 89 – Looked completely horrendous and hobbled in last week’s game against the 49ers.
QB Marc Bulger – Rams – 87 to 85 – Had another horrendous start vs. the Jets. Was able to rack up passing attempts and yards after they were down by 30 points.
WR Torry Holt – Rams – 94 to 93 – Not able to separate like the old Torry Holt. Now he might be old Torry Holt.
G Anthony Herrera – Vikings – 87 to 83 – Has been beaten too often this year in pass protection.
T Ryan Cook – Vikings – 84 to 81 – Has been benched in Minnesota at RT.

HB Earnest Graham – Bucs – IR
DE Turk McBride – Chiefs – IR
TE Tom Santi – Colts – IR
T Jonas Jennings – 49ers – IR
CB Terrence Wheatley – Patriots – IR
DE Patrick Kerney – Seahawks – IR