NCAA Basketball 09 Roster Sharing Problem

Posted November 21st, 2008 at 5:32 pm

As discovered by ncaaStrategies it appears that the EA Locker 3.0 in NCAA Basketball 09 has a flaw that prevents the ability to share rosters openly from being utilized. Named rosters are still able to be traded but as of now that is only possible directly from the user’s locker, which means you would have to be on their friends list to retrieve it.

What is happening is that the game is identifying some names as being inappropriate, which rejects the file entirely. Unfortunately numerous real player names are being flagged as inappropriate meaning it won’t be possible to get a full named roster via the “public” Locker option. Instead the files have to be uploaded as “private” which leads to the requirement that only people on a person’s friends list would be able to download it.

As CDJ mentions this was not an issue with NCAA Football 09 as there was a disclaimer when downloading rosters that there could be inappropriate names included. So the NCAA team has to lay off the restrictions and add the disclaimer otherwise the EA Locker 3.0 feature is basically useless and not delivering what had been advertised.

As to the progress of fully named rosters there are community members at Operation Sports currently working through them for both the 360 and PS3. However with having to be on a friends list to get them once they are done that is going to make things a whole lot more complicated.