MLB 2K9 To Have Revamped Pitching System

Posted November 26th, 2008 at 12:33 pm

When Tim Lincecum was announced as the cover athlete for MLB 2K9 no details on what to expect from the game were provided. Up to now all that has been known is the cover athlete and about the move to Visual Concepts. Jon Robinson with ESPN has an interview with Lincecum that also includes mention of how 2K9 is aiming to simplify the pitching controls.

Last year, MLB 2K8 confused gamers with a pitching system casual fans saw as overly complex. MLB 2K9 changes all that as the developers of the game are really looking to simplify the pitching experience while at the same time bringing more realism to the mound.

Last year the analog stick pitching was met with very mixed reaction. While some enjoyed it and saw it as innovation (except for the flawed meatball concept) others found it complicated and distracting.

It seems likely to me that MLB 2K9 will take the same route that NHL 2K9 did. The studio move leading to a much more consistent overall gaming experience. Easier to pick up and play, cleaner gameplay, and some added features. It may not reach the level of the competition but it should be a better offering and get the franchise back on track.