The Line Drive 12/6

Posted December 6th, 2008 at 11:09 am

  • The alternate jersey code is out for NHL 2K9: R6y34bsH52. No word on the NHL 09 code other than it should be out sometime this month.
  • Joining Facebreaker and a future Punch-Out on the Wii will be Ready 2 Rumble Revolution. Like Punch-Out, Ready 2 Rumble is a name that is looked back on with good memories. While Facebreaker was unable to capture the magic of those two obviously developers see the potential market there on the Wii for arcade boxing. You can check out the trailer for R2R Revoution here.
  • How about the trailer for the recently announced Nascar: Kart Racing? Well that can be watched here. Yeah, it is basically Mario Kart with corporate sponsors.
  • With four games left the NFL Pickem is clearly going to come down to the wire. Eight people are within 6 games of the leader (R. McCarthy) and one bad week from any of them could take them out of the running. Now it is time to get ready for the College Bowl Pickem group. Create your entry and search for the group Pastapadre with the password qwest.
  • Apparently Madden 2010 and Tiger Woods 2010 are already facing some phases of testing. And with gems like the girl who “discovered the computer never takes its turn” we can be sure it is in good hands.