Fight Night Round 4 Reveal

Posted December 14th, 2008 at 9:50 pm

Earlier this week EA Sports president Peter Moore stated that the unveiling of Fight Night Round 4 would include “something never before seen in a videogame”. Now, maybe I’m crazy, but a short trailer with CG footage doesn’t exactly live up to that statement. That is all that was presented at the Spike VGAs on Sunday night. Nothing new about the game and no actual footage to get an idea of the direction they are taking the series. The leaked footage out of the Gamestop convention from three months ago had more value to it.

While the game won’t be releasing until sometime in the summer when promises like that are made they should be kept. In this case it just turned out to be a let down. Continue on to watch the trailer for FNR4 that was shown on the VGAs and leave your thoughts in the comments.