Madden NFL 10: The Wrong Name Choice

Posted December 16th, 2008 at 10:08 pm

My initial reaction to hearing Madden NFL 10 is currently being prepped as the name for next year’s Madden was of surprise. I mean it just sounds and looks awkward. Most expected EA to go with Madden NFL 2010 which is neither of those things.

So I put up the poll this last weekend and it became quickly evident that the community agreed. Not only did Madden 10 trail Madden 2010 in the voting, it also came in behind the two other choices presented. Madden 10 has received only 7% of the votes while 2010 is tracking at 59%. Given that over 1700 votes have already been cast that is a significant sampling to consider.

Continue to vote in the poll below as to which name you think would be best.