Tracking the Madden 2010 Cover Candidates

Posted December 16th, 2008 at 7:58 am

At the mid-point of the season I took a look at some of the top candidates for the Madden 10 cover. I thought it would be interesting reevaluate those players and see how their stock has risen or fallen and consider what other players may have emerged as possibilities with their performances as of late. Needless to say the landscape has changed dramatically a quarter of a season later.

Stock Up

Andre Johnson: Leads the league in receptions and yards. Johnson and Anquan Boldin appear to the be only viable WR candidates for the Madden cover. It would be refreshing to have a non ego-driven WR who has produced on the field and carried his team to some success. They may not be heading to the playoffs or be one of the most marketable teams, but it would be a selection that NFL fans could appreciate.

DeMarcus Ware: Leading the league with 19 sacks he is threatening to break the record of 22.5 set by Michael Strahan. He has solidified the Cowboys defense all season. It wouldn’t be all that surprising either for EA to go for the marketing power of having a Cowboy on the cover. It would be only the second time a defensive player has been on Madden and he certainly would’ve earned the honor.

Adrian Peterson: He leads the league in rushing by 160 yards though he lags behind eight backs in TDs. He probably should’ve been the Madden 09 cover athlete, but has come back with a strong season that will put him at the top of the most deserving list once again.

DeAngelo Williams: It has been a two-headed attack for Carolina. Along with Jonathan Stewart, Williams has been on fire in the second half of the season. All of the sudden he is fourth in rushing yards, second in TDs, and leads the league in yards per attempt. The Panthers will be heading to the playoffs with a first round bye and possibly home field throughout thanks to their rushing attack.

Michael Turner: Along with Matt Ryan the two newcomers have turned the last place Falcons into playoff contenders. Turner leads the league in rushing TDs and is second in yards. Despite having the resume it may be too much to expect another Falcons player on the cover.

Ed Reed and Troy Polomalu: If there is going to be a defensive player on the cover Ed Reed and Troy Polomalu would appear to be the most high profile options outside of Ware. Not only are they having exceptional seasons, both are on teams that will make the playoffs, and both have been great players for several years.

Stock Down

Clinton Portis: Injuries have severely hampered his output. He is now behind both Adrian Peterson and Michael Turner for rushing yards and 21 other backs have as many or more TDs than him. Also factor in his public criticism of head coach Jim Zorn and he seems to have fallen completely off the list for consideration. Considering he easily won the poll at the mid-season point that is a drastic change in perception and production in a short period of time.

Drew Brees: He has the stats. Leads the league in passing yards and is tied for tops in TDs. The problem is the Saints have fallen out of playoff contention. At this point he would be comparable to Philip Rivers. Neither would seem to be ideal choices considering the circumstances.

Anquan Boldin: As discussed in the article focusing on Boldin he would make a great choice to become the first WR on the cover of Madden. The main drawback is that he may be traded in the off-season and if that continues to be a possibility they’ll be forced to overlook him.

Albert Haynesworth: With his semi-controversial past it probably would’ve taken a perfect season and MVP for Haynesworth to get the cover. Still anchors the great defense of the Titans as they attempt to get the top seed in the AFC. An injury he suffered on Sunday looks to take him completely out of the running considering he’ll miss the final two games and is uncertain for the playoffs.

Charles Woodson: Haven’t heard much from Woodson in the second half of the season. Green Bay won’t be heading for the playoffs and EA won’t put another Packers player on the cover two years in a row.