Padrecast: MLB 09 The Show Fact Sheet

Posted December 30th, 2008 at 6:29 pm

It’s the return of the Padrecast! After doing a handful of them last year I wasn’t really satisfied with what I was able to offer on my own. The idea though is to have a shorter, more focused discussion that is unedited and just presented as-is. I’m joined by my OS Waiver Wire co-host Chase Becotte in what should be a continuing series of them. It’s a change of pace from the normal show we would do.

To kick it off we wanted to discuss the MLB 09 The Show fact sheet. We basically just run through it making some observations related to the improvements and features for this year. There is also some talk about whether the series is doing enough to innovate which is a topic that came out of a posting I had last week. You can download the file directly or use the player located below.

Download File