Early MLB Front Office Manager Review

Posted January 4th, 2009 at 11:10 am

The latest OXM has the first review for MLB Front Office Manager. They gave it a 5/10 citing awful menus and a worthless manager mode though they did state the game was very in depth. Thanks to Jesse Behr from The ‘Burgh Blues for sending the tip in.

While the review would seem discouraging it sounds awful familiar to some of the ones that were handed out to NFL Head Coach 09. While I just couldn’t get into that game, it did deliver the deep and very detailed experience that crowd was looking for. Both games released at less than the standard price and it seems like reviews don’t take that into consideration either. It’s unfortunate that 2K doesn’t do more to get this game out in the community where it will be given a fair shake.

So I’m not sure if my opinion of FOM’s potential has changed at all. What they need to do is get more info out there ASAP. It is a little over three weeks away and they still have only revealed¬† some vague details from a few interviews along with the single producer video and a couple screenshots. I’ve been extremely intrigued by the Online Fantasy mode but we know next to nothing about how it will be structured. This type of game isn’t the easiest to market, but Head Coach did an excellent job of laying out pretty much everything there was to know about it leading up to its release.