79 Rated QB in AFC Championship

Posted January 12th, 2009 at 4:51 pm


As the Ravens closed out their victory over the Titans on Saturday it struck me what Joe Flacco had just accomplished. He’s the first rookie QB to win two playoff games. Not only that, but he did so while carrying a rating of 79 in Madden 09.

Every week when the roster update details are posted his is a name most frequently cited in the comments as having been overlooked. While Matt Ryan has risen to an 89, Flacco has continued to hold a sub-80 rating and it is hard to understand why.

Obviously Flacco isn’t winning the games for his team, but he has done what he has needed to do. He has a great deal of poise and leadership just as Ryan does, and he throws one of the best deep balls in the league.

For some perspective on how unjustifiable his 79 is take note of some QBs that are currently rated higher than him. Those names include Jon Kitna, Vince Young, Todd Collins, Billy Volek, and Chris Redman.

It will be difficult for EA to avoid moving Flacco up to around an 85 in the next update. This is a good example of the problem we’ve seen through the weekly Madden roster updates this year and I’m planning an article on that subject in the near future.