Industry Taking Advantage of Twitter

Posted January 18th, 2009 at 2:33 pm


Over the last couple weeks there has been a surge in the use of Twitter within the gaming industry. Twitter is an insanely popular social networking site that uses short status like messages to keep connected with others. Just recently there was an article listing out many of the users associated with gaming in various PR, development, or community positions. That has now been spun into a website dedicated to keeping track of those users. Since then even more have popped up to take advantage of the opportunity to open the lines of communication and interact in a way that has never been done before.

I thought it would be a good idea to list out sports gaming related users here. Some are more worthwhile to follow than others and vary in the manner they are using it. Many of these are actively seeking feedback or posing questions outside of general posting activities. You’ll want to sign up on Twitter and then follow the users you are most interested in. You can also check out the list of who I follow for some other entertaining ones.

Raczilla– EA Sports Community Manager (Tiburon) Will Kinsler
Dewiel– EA Sports World Community Manager Justin Dewiel
sk88z– EA Sports┬áCommunity Manager (EA Canada) Alain Quinto
EARom– EA Sports Football World Community Manager Romily Broad
ian_cummings– Madden 2010 Lead Producer Ian Cummings
Ryan_Ferwerda– Madden 2010 Development Manager
Tickity– NCAA Football Product Manager Kendall Boyd
Mamboking– EA Sports World personality Rob Thompson
PrimeTimeSA– EA Sports World personality Jason Thompson
The_Eric_Gray– EA Sports World Live Producer Eric Gray
Closphoto– EA Sports World Live Producer
dochowser– EA Sports World Program Director Nate Lundy
easportsworld– Updates the latest for the EASW website
riley_easports– PR Manager for EA Sports (EA Canada) Jen Riley
2KSports– Official Twitter account for 2K Sports
Backbreaker– Official Twitter account for Backbreaker
ncaaStrategies– Chris Jacobs of the ncaaStrategies website
ChaseBecotte– Operation Sports Waiver Wire podcast host