Madden 09 Final Roster Update Is Out

Posted January 31st, 2009 at 2:05 pm


As posted last week roster update #18 for Madden 09 is the final one of the year. That means injured players come off the IR. But EA has also put a lot of effort into providing an extensive update that better represents the performances of the players this season. Hopefully this is a sign of how the updates will be produced next year as the vast majority of the community (88% according to the poll) wanted to see more of a slant towards current performance than was being offered.

Unfortunately there is no detailed list of the changes that were made this time around. Feel free to post anything you notice in the comments along with your thoughts on how good of an update it turned out to be. A few of the names checked on so far are Joe Flacco going up to an 84, Chad Johnson dropping to 92, Kurt Warner raised to 95, LaDainian Tomlinson down to a 95, and Michael Turner up to 95. Its also nice to see John Carlson get some credit after having such a great year and never receiving a boost as he goes from 79 to now being an 89.