MLB 09 Road to the Show Training Modes

Posted February 3rd, 2009 at 7:58 pm


The weekly Playstation Blog series continues for MLB 09 The Show. This time the focus is around the new training modes that have been added in Road to the Show as well for general practice. Batting Practice and Base Stealing are the two different types. You can read the blog posting in full here which also includes a video.

And from a gameplay standpoint, we have always wanted RTTS to feel like you are doing exactly what you would be doing, from going to Spring training, to working up through the minor leagues, etc. But success isn’t just about what you do in that game situation. Success comes from being prepared when that game moment arises. And contrary to what Allen Iverson thinks, that means practice. That thought process is what brought us to our main new feature this year. Training mode.

Tomorrow I’ll be able to post up my thoughts on both Batting Practice and Base Stealing as I spent a short amount of time trying both out at the recent community preview.