The Line Drive 2/22

Posted February 22nd, 2009 at 8:21 am


  • While it was known that NCAA Football 10 would include the procedural awareness that was discussed for Madden, the first NCAA focused offering has hit the Inside EA Blog here. The feature revealed is not an exciting one but to a small segment of the hardcore base. It is QB Auto-Pass which results in a quasi coach mode.
  • As the NFL season has ended the Top 10 videos on EA Sports World for Madden will be taking on some various themes. This week it was Anquan Boldin on a new team. I of course quickly put him on the Seahawks and the highlight I submitted made the cut. You can watch it here (choose Madden Top 10 2/18).
  • It was encouraged to see other media outlets such as Kotaku and 5WG picking up on the MLB 2K9 advertising story. This isn’t something that should just be brushed off as it could set a precedent if no one were to speak out against it.
  • Last week Ike Diogu was traded to the Sacramento Kings but he was making future plans during All-Star Weekend. First Cuts has an article about how Diogu hopes to work in the video game business after his NBA career is over and has taken on a summer internship at EA Sports.