Improvements to QBs in Madden 10

Posted February 23rd, 2009 at 4:10 pm


Another posting on the Inside EA Blog details improvements that are being made for Madden 2010 to the QB position. Of note are five new ratings categories, layered blending, and changes to how accuracy is determined. This is a significant update and you can read it in full here.

1. Deep Ball Accuracy: Determines the accuracy on deep passes (streaks, deep posts, etc)
2. Medium Passing Accuracy: Determines the accuracy on medium passes (outs, corners, etc)
3. Short Passing Accuracy: Determines the accuracy on short passes (quick smash, flats, etc)
4. Throw on the Run: Creates a modifier to accuracy when the QB is throwing on the run. Every QB will take some sort of accuracy hit when throwing on the run, but a QB that has a high rating here will take a smaller hit.
5. Play Action: Determines the ‘effectiveness’ of Play Action for a QB, i.e. how often they can fake out or freeze the defense (which is obviously weighted against the defenders Play Recognition ratings)

I’m hoping along with the Play Action rating that they can work out the different speeds that QBs execute play actions. One thing that has frustrated me is how deliberate the animations are. However when you look at a QB like Peyton Manning it is quick and crisp. Each QB has their own tendencies or signature style even to that extent. There is little that I find more frustrating than getting sacked before even turning around or removing PA’s from my arsenal because of that risk.