Madden Off-Season Screens Set #2

Posted February 28th, 2009 at 5:31 pm


It’s just the second day of free agency and joining all the signings comes a huge trade as Matt Cassel (along with Mike Vrabel) is sent to the Chiefs with the Patriots receiving their 2nd round pick in return. In the most prominent case of a player identified with a particular team moving on we have Brian Dawkins who joins the Broncos and leaves behind the Eagles who he very much helped to define over the years.

If you missed the first set of screenshots you can check them out here. Continue on to view the latest.


Michael Boley – New York Giants – 5 years 25 million
Madden 09 final rating: 85


Lito Sheppard – New York Jets – Trade
Madden 09 final rating: 87


Brian Dawkins – Denver Broncos – 5 years 17 million
Madden 09 final rating: 96


Stacy Andrews – Philadelphia Eagles – 6 years
Madden 09 final rating: 83


Matt Cassel – Kansas City Chiefs – Trade
Madden 09 final rating: 85