FNR4 Removes Button Punching

Posted March 16th, 2009 at 8:36 am

FNR3 brought about a debate between analog and button punchers and the possible in-balance presented by allowing both to be used. A recent preview from Gamespy discusses how Fight Night Round 4 is completely removing the option to use the buttons to punch.

Button mashing has been banished. Round 4 is going to force you to use the right stick to punch. After years of enduring randomly button-mashing boxers, I’m relieved to hear that they’ll have to work a little harder to land some blows. Perhaps to compensate, you can now chain together multiple attacks with the right stick. For example, a one-two combo can be inputted before the animation of the first punch is complete. It sounds cool, but I’m a little skeptical until I’ve played it. EA promises that you’ll be able to cancel commands with a button tap, lest you waste stamina. I need to try it and see how the dynamics balance out.

So the question becomes what are the buttons utilized for now? If they are being used for other functions it is somewhat understandable why the decision was made. If button punching was removed in order to force everyone to the analog then I don’t agree with that. It could have been locked for online play so that both fighters use the analog. But for offline different control options should be available unless there is good reason. Hopefully EA will come out and clarify the thinking behind this decision for FNR4. Vote in the poll below and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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