The Evolving Community Event

Posted March 17th, 2009 at 10:14 am

A new posting on the Inside EA Blog details an upcoming community event for NCAA Football 10 and how the philosophy and ultimate intentions of these events have changed over the years. EA Sports has especially engaged the community over the last five years or so and now SCEA has begun to do so with The Show. Both companies have recognized that the community is valuable not only as consumers but also as a resource for making their games better.

Why tell you about the event if you won’t hear a lot about the game features?  Good question.  Even though we’re not quite ready to open the floodgates of information and tell you everything about NCAA Football 10, we do want you to know that we’re taking a lot of care in developing the game.  We are taking the quality of our games to new heights by involving the community early on.

It is pretty remarkable just how much impact now the community has in these games. Everything from getting names added to databases, to helping make the uniforms more accurate, to having feedback acted upon and game issues addressed it is fantastic to have that level of influence on the games we all enjoy.