Is Peyton Manning the Madden 10 Cover Athlete?

Posted March 19th, 2009 at 12:40 pm


The place-holder cover for Madden 10 was recently posted by Gamestop. Usually this leads to some speculation as to whether the silhouette image is the actual cover or if it’s something generic that will be replaced after the official announcement. In the past there have been times it has turned out to be the cover image but more often it wasn’t. The ones for NCAA Football 10 are actually the covers from 09 just switched around.

So I took a look at the one for Madden 10. For whatever reason right away I thought of Peyton Manning. So I got to searching through google images and I think I spotted the actual picture that was used as the silhouette. Continue on to take a look at both and leave your thoughts in the comments.



Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that Manning is the choice and that this image is what will end up on the cover. It could just be what they chose for the silhouette and nothing more. If this isn’t the image they used for the silhouette it is strikingly similar. Coming off an MVP season and being one of the most marketable players in the NFL it wouldn’t be surprising if he was player EA went with for Madden 10. I’m hesitant to believe they’d go QB three years in a row though.

So maybe this means nothing, or maybe it means something? Feel free to speculate…