Customization in Madden 10

Posted March 30th, 2009 at 3:07 pm


The latest Inside EA Blog posting goes over in detail the customization options in Madden 10. It actually goes as far as to include the actual game design document for the game settings screen. Within that some new details about the game can be found. Check out the entire posting here.

Having this kind of interaction with the community spelled it out EXTREMELY clearly – we really needed to focus in this area and make sure that we were allowing numerous customization options, especially the ones that had been requested for so many years by our community.

Accelerated clock is in, which is something that had hoped to be included in a DLC pack that never materialized for 09. No new camera angles though it remains possible the ActionCam has been tweaked from last year (hopefully). It also doesn’t appear that special teams has received any attention for 10 which is a disappointment as it remains ignored every year.

There is now a “Game Speed” setting with five different levels to choose from, a “Player Speed Differential” which will affect the range of speed between ratings, and “Coach Mode” which will see the CPU taking over control of the QB.