NFL Draft and Madden 10 Running Commentary

Posted April 25th, 2009 at 10:42 am


I will be updating this posting constantly throughout the day. Included will be thoughts on the NFL Draft, the latest Madden 10 rookie screenshots, the latest in player ratings, and the impact the selections will have on the game.

The Madden Draft website is now up including live streaming video from the EA Sports war room. The EA Sports Live broadcast begins at 330et/1230pt.

I am scheduled to be on EA Sports Madden Draft Experience live show sometime between the 20th and 25th picks.

Check out a couple of the interviews from Thursday night conducted by myself and Chris Jacobs of ncaaStrategies. Erin AndrewsBrian OrakpoBrian Johnson

Aaron Curry with an 85 overall rating. Along with Michael Crabtree they’ll be the highest rated rookies.

1245: EA Sports Live is now on the air with Shannon Sharpe in the studio.

1247: Matt Stafford screenshot and ratings should be up right after he is officially announced by the commish

1249: Troy Polamalu 99 rated overall

102: NFL Network draft coverage > ESPN draft coverage. Damn you Comcast, only six days till the network is gone

107: Matt Stafford’s ratings: 79 overall, 97 throw power, 87 accuracy short, 83 accuracy mid, 82 accuracy deep

110: Stafford screenshot added to the gallery

115: Jason Smith to the Rams. That’s the smart choice for them.

121: Jason Smith 84 overall rating

122: Jason Smith screenshot added to the gallery

125: The Tyson Jackson pick by the Chiefs seems like a reach to me. He fits their 3-4 seems like thats the reason.

130: Tyson Jackson 77 overall rating

135: Not terribly excited by the Aaron Curry pick but he’ll fit in well

135: Seahawks do get the #1 rated rookie in him though

139: Jets trade up to #5 for Mark Sanchez. Didn’t think they had the ammo to do that

145: Mark Sanchez overall rating 77

151: Well the Bengals needed an OT. I just would’ve taken Eugene Monroe over Andre Smith

153: Andre Smith is rated 79 overall

157: The Raiders are hilarious. Taking Darrius Heyward-Bey at #7. Michael Crabtree is probably wondering what the hell just happened.

201: Heyward-Bey gets a 76 overall with 97 speed

206: Jags pass on Michael Crabtree and take Eugene Monroe. They needed an OT but I don’t see how you pass on Crabtree there considering their problems at WR.

210: BJ Raji to the Packers. I had them going for a pass rusher like Orakpo but he can fill their NT in the 3-4

212: 82 overall for Eugene Monroe

220: BJ Raji with an 80 overall

221: Michael Crabtree is an 84 overall. He’ll boost the 49ers but they still dont have a QB.

226: Bills needed pass rush. Aaron Maybin fits as a DE more than Orakpo.

227: Crabtree is somewhat limited by 88 speed but he’ll be maybe the most impactful rookie in Madden

231: Surprised by Knowshon Moreno to the Broncos. They’ve never needed a big name RB in their running scheme and they just signed two backs in the offseason.

233: Redskins probably didn’t imagine Brian Orakpo would still be around

234: Aaron Maybin is a 78 overall

237: Moreno is an 81 overall

239: Mark Sanchez screenshot added to the gallery

242: Malcolm Jenkins fills the need in the Saints secondary

244: Aaron Curry and Tyson Jackson screens added to the gallery

246: Brian Orakpo with an 82 overall rating

246: Cushing is a good addition to the Texans. Too high to take the safety they need

248: Malcolm Jenkins is an 80 overall

252: Brian Cushing a 78 overall with 94 pursuit

253: Larry English this early is a bit of a surprise

255: Larry English a 75 overall

257: Browns trade with Bucs. Is this Josh Freeman?

301: BJ Raji screen added to the gallery

304: Josh Freeman is a 72 rated overall with 96 throw power

306: Robert Ayers to the Broncos. No doubt they were going defense there.

313: Browns trade down AGAIN this time with the Eagles

315: Robert Ayers a 78 overall

316: Alright so Jeremy Maclin to the Eagles. Isn’t he just a second DeSean Jackson?

319: Maclin is 79 overall with 96 speed

320: Lions pass on an offensive lineman for Brandon Pettigrew. Interesting

325: Earlier than I thought Alex Mack would go. The Browns already have so much money invested on the offensive line

328: Vikings take Percy Harvin. Its a gamble. They have their speedster already in Bernard Berrian.

336: Great pickup for the Ravens with Michael Oher this late

339: Percy Harvin is 78 overall and 96 speed

340: Brandon Pettigrew 81 overall, third best blocking TE in Madden 10

342: Alex Mack 79 overall. Graded high in many categories

345: Michael Crabtree, Andre Smith, Eugene Monroe, and Darrius Heyward-Bey screenshots up in the gallery

346: Knew the Falcons really wanted a DT. Peria Jerry being available was ideal for them

348: Vontae Davis to the Dolphins. They needed a CB.

350: Michael Oher 78 overall, 95 strength

352: Knowshon Moreno, Aaron Maybin, Brian Orakpo, and Malcolm Jenkins screenshots added to the gallery

356: Brian Cushing, Larry English, and Josh Freeman added to the screenshot gallery

357: Clay Matthews for the Packers. The OLB I thought they would’ve went for in the first pick (Orakpo, Maybin). Nice to have him behind BJ Raji.

359: Vontae Davis overall rating 0f 78

400: Donald Brown before Beanie Wells. Guess its durability concerns with Wells.

403: Clay Matthews a 75 overall

408: Im going on EA Sports Draft Show shortly

410: Donald Brown 77 overall

416: Talked about Madden 10 on the show. Nice job by Jason Thompson in pronouncing my name correctly both times.

417: Was hoping Hakeem Nicks might fall to the Seahawks. Thats a nice pick there for the Giants

418: Eric Wood 74 overall

419: Titans did need a WR and Kenny Britt has big time potential

420: Hakeem Nicks 78 overall

427: Cardinals go with Chris “Beanie” Wells as expected. Big improvement if he can stay healthy

430: Kenny Britt 77 rated overall

432: Steelers go Evander Hood. Very nice DT. Thought they would go o-line or CB here though

433: Jeremy Maclin and Robert Ayers screens added to the gallery

435: Chris Wells is 79 overall, 89 speed, 90 trucking

436: I like Louis Delmas but damn the Lions keep passing up o-line

437: And just like that another safety Patrick Chung. They needed a safety and he impressed me at Oregon.

439: Evander Hood 74 overall

442: Percy Harvin, Alex Mack, and Brandon Pettigrew added to the screenshot gallery

450: I really like Alphonso Smith. Experienced CB for the Broncos.

453: Seahawks got the Broncos first round pick next year out of that trade. Kyle Orton at QB. I feel good about that.

505: Peria Jerry, Vontae Davis, and Clay Matthews screenshots added to the gallery

516: Donald Brown and Eric Wood added to the gallery

526: Pat White to the Dolphins. Hey I called that in my mock draft!

539: Chris Wells and Hakeem Nicks added to the gallery

542: Alright I’m wrapping up the live running commentary but there are still a few more screenshots I’ll be adding in once they are up. I’ll be posting an article late night or tomorrow morning with the winners and losers today for Madden 10. Thanks for following along!

602: Second round overall player ratings are being posted here