More on the Wildcat in Madden 10

Posted April 28th, 2009 at 5:50 am


A week ago the Inside EA Blog revealed the Wildcat in Madden with a few screenshots of the Dolphins in the formation. Today’s blog posting goes further into the Wildcat including some videos of it being run in Madden 10. One even includes second round draftee Pat White.

Yes, folks, the Wildcat will be in Madden NFL 10 in full force, including many new animations that were specifically motion captured to support it. Today we will show the Wildcat in action, specifically the Jet Sweep, Power, and Counter plays.

Hopefully they will eventually go over how they have balanced things out so the Wildcat won’t be exploitable. If people are using it more than a handful of times each game there is something wrong. I also want to hear about how you designate who will run it. There needs to be an easy way to swap in players that my be different positions (some teams use the backup QB, some a RB, some a WR) At this point though it’s easy to be excited about the inclusion of the Wildcat.