Flexbone Offense in NCAA Football 10

Posted May 8th, 2009 at 1:50 pm


This week’s blog posting for NCAA Football 10 goes over in great detail the improvements made to the Flexbone including new formations and plays as well as how it is more accurately portrayed in the gameplay. Included are screens of the formations and videos of it being run. You can check out the extensive look at the Flexbone here.

Last summer we were able to acquire the actual coach’s game film of the Navy Flexbone offense.  Having access to this valuable resource really gave us an advantage when it was time to identify what new formations that we needed to create, what plays did we need for those formations, and most importantly what new player animations we needed to mo-cap in order to get those plays working properly in our game.  The results of our efforts produced eight new formations and over 200 new plays.

If you don’t utilize the Flexbone there isn’t much to get out of the posting. However the screenshot above is a nice example of the “set up” plays that are linked together in the playbooks. Run the toss multiple times throughout the game and the potential of a play action toss fooling the defense will be higher.