Pass Blocking Improvements in Madden 10

Posted May 11th, 2009 at 2:01 pm


This week’s Inside EA Blog posting for Madden 10 is out and focuses on the improvements made to pass blocking and how Pro-Tak ties into that area of the game. There is a replay video from Madden 10 showing this off as well as comparison videos to put it all into context. To read the full blog and watch the videos click here.

At the top of nearly every community wish list for the past 3+ years has been OL/DL interaction…so this year we’re proud to say we’ve spent a really good amount of time improving this area, and we’ve also built a strong foundation that we can continue to add on to in the future.

The offensive line blocking and defensive line moves look much more natural this year as seen by the video. The presence of an actual pocket will also provide a boost in realism. How it will hold up from play to play though is the next thing to wait and see on. Just a couple examples in replay form isn’t enough yet to feel completely confident about OL/DL interaction for this year.