Discussion Continues About FNR4 Controls

Posted May 17th, 2009 at 1:56 pm


Ever since it was revealed that the button control scheme was removed completely for Fight Night Round 4, in turn forcing Total Punch Control with the right analog, it has been a hot topic of discussion.Yesterday the EA Canada community manager responded basically stating that that the button controls wouldn’t be returning and to learn to like TPC or move on. The posting has since been deleted from the EA Forum.

I still don’t understand the thinking behind this decision or the way in which they’ve addressed the topic with the community. Personally I prefer TPC for Fight Night and have found it to feel natural. However removing the button controls as an OPTION was still a baffling decision. If the issue was unbalanced online play then lock TPC for the ranked fights. Removing the control options for offine does a disservice to everyone who preferred that method of playing the game.

In a time where community interaction and feedback have become prominent with EA it is surprising that they would tell those concerned about this move to basically just get over it. It seems as though the community is split about 50/50 on which they prefer. In fact in the poll I had up on the topic back in March it was 54% who felt the button controls should still be in as an option. So upsetting about half of the consumers and ignoring their pleas to simply have a control scheme from the previous games as an option remains unsettling.

There is still the possibility that the button controls will be added in, though at this point it would need to be via patch if it hadn’t been planned already. Maybe the deletion of that forum post is a sign of that. Regardless this doesn’t appear to be a topic that is going to fade away quietly.