Madden 10 Run Blocking Improvements

Posted May 25th, 2009 at 9:17 am


Despite the holiday today the weekly Madden 10 blog has made its way out and focuses on blocking in the running game. Details include new animations, what has been done specifically to change the way blocks are executed, and how Pro-Tak plays a role. The posting includes four videos putting the blocking on display. There is the added bonus of a video showing a new hit stick animation included as well. You can check it out in full here.

This week I wanted to give everyone a deeper look at some of the improvements to run blocking as well. Run blocking is one of the trickiest areas to program and tune just because of the amount of variation that happens in the NFL. Pass blocking is definitely complicated as well, but at some level you’ve got some pretty common concepts that you can follow (i.e. the OL needs to stay between the defender and the QB, the defensive end needs to get up field if he’s not stunting, etc). With run blocking however, there are just so many variations of plays that it can take much more time to get every single concept down pat while still making it a) realistic, b) responsive, and c) fun.