Madden 10 Gets Online Co-Op

Posted May 28th, 2009 at 7:49 pm


Earlier tonight on GameTrailers TV one of the new online related features for Madden 10 was revealed. The game will have online co-op! Keep in mind that what has been described as the bigger of the two online announcements is being saved for the E3 press conference on Monday.

Online co-op is something I’ve been hoping for Madden to incorporate for a few years now. It sounds as though it will be limited to two people facing off against the CPU or two people against two other people so it’ll be built on in future iterations. I look at three or four users on a single team as being ideal. Attempting to max out a full 11 would likely be futile.

There is still some confusion about the mode and how it will be setup. Is it just two against the CPU or against other users? Is it just one-off games or is there a ranked mode for it along the lines of Online Team Play from other titles? Can you play franchise games with online co-op? Are you locked into a single position or is it open to switching throughout the game? Hopefully all this will be cleared up shortly and I’ll update. Seems as though answers to these questions will have to wait until E3.

As suspected this opens up the liklihood of Monday’s announcement being something completely new for online play. As I posted in the E3 preview it would seem anticlimatic to make a big announcement that a mode from another one of their titles was being added to Madden. Clearing online co-op out of the way now leaves either Online Franchise or something completely unique to come.