PFC 2: Showdown

Posted May 31st, 2009 at 8:15 am


The first week of the PFC was a huge success with all the fights being completed. We now have champions and #1 contenders at every weight class. PFC 2: Showdown will bring them together for the league’s first title defenses. Continue on for the full PFC 2: Showdown card and the results from PFC 1: Proving Ground with links to a few videos.

Full records and rankings and PFC 2 discussion and results reporting can be found in the forum.

PFC 1: Proving Ground

Heavyweight title fight
Gabrial Gonzaga (Jazz Trance) VS Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (im winnin)
#1 contender fight
Cain Velasquez (FredSmooth) VS Brock Lesnar (Sonofsparta300)

Light Heavyweight title fight
Wanderlei Silva (TG Gypsy Kitty) VS Keith Jardine (RKW3) (YOUTUBE)
#1 contender fight
Wilson Gouevia (JerkFaceFave) VS Lyoto Machida (PastaPadre) (YOUTUBE)

Middleweight title fight
Michael Bisping (xix hustle xix) VS Yushin Okami (IM GUTTAH TRICK)
#1 contender fight
Chris Leben (Redhawk360) VS Anderson Silva (Daboss1026)

Welterweight title fight
Anthony Johnson (Jonb95825) VS Mike Swick (DarthObvious) (YOUTUBE)
#1 contender fight
Georges St-Pierre (Bleednornge72) VS Karo Parisyan (Cha0s11)

Lightweight title fight
Tyson Griffin (Dr Logic) VS Nathan Diaz (AhoyItsThom)
#1 contender fight
Gray Maynard (McK Hick) VS Kenny Florian (King of K1ngs)

Undercard fights:
Cheick Kongo (BWIGGZ) VS Tim Sylvia (Jmo31)
Andrei Arlovski (Jonb95825) VS Mirko Crocop (EdNick30)
Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (TheFuture15) VS Rashad Evans (ML2ABKJ19CP26) (YOUTUBE)
Brandon Vera (chad182) VS Chuck Liddell (WILLIAMF 30)
Rich Franklin (ErnieDavis4444) VS Thales Leites (K alvary)
Matt Hughes (GmanDC31) VS Josh Koscheck (EMSfan9)
Thiago Alves (StetskaBombe) VS (Jon Fitch-CThrash13)
Sean Sherk (HotRod9228) VS Diego Sanchez (MagnerUnlimited)

PFC 2: Showdown

Champion Gabrial Gonzaga (Jazz Trance) VS Brock Lesnar (Sonofsparta300)
#1 contender fight
Mirko Crocop (EdNick30) VS Mark Coleman (July 4 1776)

Champion Keith Jardine (RKW3) VS Lyoto Machida (Pastapadre)
#1 contender fight
Brandon Vera (Chad182) VS Rashad Evans (ML2ABKJ19CP26)

Champion Michael Bisping (xix hustle xix) VS Chris Leben (Redhawk360)
#1 contender fight
Demian Maia (king of k1ngs) VS Thales Leites (K alvary)

Champion Mike Swick (DarthObvious) VS Georges St-Pierre (bleednornge72)
#1 contender fight
Matt Hughes (GmanDC31) VS Thiago Alves (Stetskabomber)

Champion Nathan Diaz (AhoyItsThom) VS Kenny Florian (King of k1ngs)
#1 contender fight
Sean Sherk (HotRod9228) VS Joe Stevenson (Bee Rockwell)

Undercard fights:
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (im winnin) VS Frank Mir (ptwaugh)
Cain Velasquez (FredSmooth21) VS Tim Sylvia (Jmo31)
Andrei Arlovski (Jonb95825) VS Heath Herring (Mhurricane266)
Cheick Kongo (BWIGGZ) VS Fabricio Werdum (Andywantskandy)
Chuck Liddell (WILLIAMF 30) VS Tito Ortiz (McK Hick)
Thiago Silva (EPIC BBQ) VS Tim Boetsch (July 4 1776)
Wanderlei Silva (Baxter 4 Prez) VS Stephan Bonnar (im winnin)
Mauricio Rua (FredSmooth21) VS Kazuhiro Nakamura (Nap18)
Forrest Griffin (OhTheBagger) VS Wilson Gouveia (JerkFaceFave)
Ricardo Almeida (StetskaBomber) VS Yushin Okami (IM GUTTAH TRICK)
Anderson Silva (Daboss1026) VS Nate Marquardt (Bee Rockwell)
Jon Fitch (Cthrash13) VS Josh Koscheck (EMSfan9)
Anthony Johnson (Jonb95825) VS Chris Lytle (mrpricecanes)
Marcus Davis (BWIGGZ) VS Karo Parisyan (Cha0s11)
Diego Sanchez (MagnerUnlimited) VS Ben Saunders (EdNick30) WW
Thiago Tavares (chad182) VS Matt Serra (ptwaugh)
BJ Penn (LimeadeLover45) VS Joe Lauzon (xix hustle xix)
Gray Maynard (McK Hick) VS Tyson Griffin (Dr Logic)
Frank Edgar (RKW3) VS Spencer Fisher (JerkFaceFave)