Madden 10 Franchise Q&A

Posted June 16th, 2009 at 1:20 pm


Last week we got a Q&A about the Online Franchise mode in Madden 10. This week brings a general Franchise mode Q&A that goes into more of the basics of what has been worked on. You can read through the entire blog posting here.

As I’ve mentioned before my goal was to clean up the logic and get this mode back to where it needed to be. I’ll repeat my favorite analogy for those of you who haven’t heard it before: If you found out you had termites in your house, would you build on another addition or clean up the foundation so that you could build on the house in the future? That was exactly our attitude and my sole focus since I joined the Madden team halfway through the development cycle. I enlisted the help of one of my top programmers from NFL Head Coach ’09 (Jeff Keyek) and worked with the rest of the Madden team to address many of the core aspects of the mode that really needed fixing.

While there may be a lack of revolutionary additions to the mode (outside of the interface redesign) it seems as though they’ve been able to accomplish a good deal in getting the base of it to where it should be. It is just unfortunate that many of those areas that have been addressed such as free agency and trade logic won’t come into play in the Online Franchises.