PP Online Dynasty Owners

Posted July 6th, 2009 at 1:28 pm


After a few days of sign-ups this serves as the announcement for the two Pastapadre Online Dynasties being run. One utilizes Teambuilder and the other is traditional. If you did not make it in and would like to be considered for the waiting list continue to frequent the forums to take advantage of any openings that come up in the future. There will certainly be reasons for replacements throughout. Also if you would like to organize your own dynasty to run in the forums feel free to contact myself or Fred via PM. Continue on for the full lineup.

Pastapadre Online Dynasty – Teambuilder
Pastapadre (Replacing Washington)
Jerkfacefave (Team undecided)
Nix (Replacing Oregon)
Sidewinder57 (Replacing Illinois)
Radie420 (Replacing Notre Dame)
Dmcnabb5 (Team undecided)
Floridagatorfan (Replacing Southern Miss)
AzureEffect (Team undecided)
Ramboner (Replacing Texas)
Quiknick (Replacing Georgia)
Michael1807 (Replacing North Carolina)
Wild Card Spot – TBD

Pastapadre Online Dynasty – Traditional
Jerkfacefave (Team undecided)
Nix (Oregon)
Terrorblaze (UCLA)
Radie420 (Utah)
Eric7064 (Notre Dame)
Broward (Texas)
Fulton30 (LSU)
Jonb95825 (Florida State)
Charger (Baylor)
Jahftb (USF)
B_wigglez (Miami)
Siggy778 (Alabama)