Madden 10 Demos Dated

Posted July 8th, 2009 at 8:08 am


Yesterday Gamestop sent out an email detailing the plans for the Madden 10 demo. The exclusive five minute quarters demo featuring the Cardinals vs Steelers will be available to download using the code obtained from Gamestop on Thursday July 23rd. Those codes will apparently be available in the stores on July 15th. They will be in limited supply so it would be a good idea to call the stores on that day and head in to get it before they’re all gone.

What wasn’t clear from the email was when the standard demo would be released. The two minute quarters demo with the Cowboys vs Giants will be available to everyone. I have confirmed this demo will go out on Thursday July 30th.

This is unfortunate news given that until now it had not been indicated that Gamestop preorders would be getting the demo early in addition to getting an extended version. As with Fight Night Round 4 this is an unfortunate turn of events for consumers and actually takes some steam out of the buzz created from the demo. NCAA Football 10 did not go this route and released the demo to everyone at the same time and reaction was generally positive with more concentrated discussion. The Gamestop incentive with that game is the additional 13 slots to hold Teambuilder created teams.