Public Madden 10 Demo Keeps Getting Worse

Posted July 14th, 2009 at 6:46 pm


After the disappointment with the structure of the Fight Night Round 4 demo rollout (two weeks early for Gamestop preorders) I was hopeful that a similar situation wouldn’t be encountered again. Unfortunately the more information that comes out about the demo situation for Madden 10 the more disappointing it becomes.

At first it was discovered that Gamestop preorders would get a full five minute quarters demo featuring the Super Bowl match-up of Steelers vs Cardinals. That was to be the incentive for preordering in receiving an extended demo instead of the two minute quarter demo with the Giants vs Cowboys that everyone would have access to. I was alright with that because it provided an incentive which is different than punishing the people who did not preorder.

Next came the news that the Gamestop demo would be out on July 23rd and that the general demo would have to wait until the 30th. At this point it had turned into more of said punishment against those who choose not purchase from Gamestop instead of a preorder incentive. Given that there is limited supply of the codes there isn’t even a guarantee that a preorder would get the special demo.

Now comes even worse news. Lead producer Phil Frazier has stated that the public demo will include only one minute quarters. This is a crushing development for anyone who wants to get a feel for the game. It really isn’t possible even with two minute quarters, but one minute quarters will be so fractured and compressed it may not even be worth playing.

Again this goes against the general good feeling of community interaction and responsiveness to consumer desire that EA has been working so hard to build. A one minute quarter demo will not put the best of Madden 10 on display and forcing people into feeling like they have to preorder will only build resentment.