The Line Drive 7/21

Posted July 21st, 2009 at 6:21 am


  • Updating on the public Madden 10 demo (the one with the one minute quarters) will now be out on the 360 for XBL Gold members on Thursday the 23rd. Silver members and PS3 owners will have to wait until the 30th.
  • A new name has been added to the confirmed or rumored roster list for EA Sports MMA, that being former Green Beret Tim Kennedy. He joins Randy Couture, Tim Sylvia, Frank Shamrock, Fedor Emelianenko and Gegard Mousasi as those who are believed to be connected to the upcoming game. I’m starting to believe that EA will be able to put together a decent roster but they’ll have to do a lot of promotion to raise the recognition level around the majority of them. It would be mutually beneficial for EA to present stories and backgrounds for these fighters and in return their presence in the sport will be boosted whether they are permanently banned from ever competing in the UFC or not.
  • 5WGaming takes a good look at the downfalls of football demos that offer only two minute quarters. This was written before the news about Madden’s one minute quarters, so the examples presented would be even more extreme in that case.
  • Also at 5WGaming is another article of interest analyzing the early NCAA Football 10 Season Showdown returns. Whether the feature actually is working by encouraging people to play more realistically and respectfully remains in question. However it is nice to see confirmation that not only do the majority of users who pick Florida tend to play with reckless abandon (which to me is still a coaching strategy) but they show little respect to their opponents in how they conduct themselves during games. The Gators currently have -1.8 million sportsmanship points.
  • For those involved in the NCAA 10 Online Dynasties being hosted in the forums they are now just waiting on the 360 patch to arrive before starting up. Soon I’ll begin putting together the official Madden 10 Online Franchise (360). If you’re interested in participating be sure to sign up in this forum thread. Again because of the limited number of people who can be included I apologize to everyone who is not selected. There is also a PS3 Online Franchise being arranged with details found here.