The Latest Madden 10 Previews

Posted July 27th, 2009 at 2:46 pm


As various media sites have received beta copies of Madden 10 it appears that today one level of an embargo has been lifted. Two previews worth checking out have gone up so far today. Over at Operation Sports there is an extensive breakdown with general impressions of the game. Meanwhile Gamespot’s Brian Ekberg provides insight into the Online Co-Op experience and provides some early thoughts about the Online Franchise.

Reading through the Gamespot blog it confirms that essentially, just as the IGN preview and videos made apparent last week, the Co-Op looks to be an empty and unrewarding mode this year. I don’t even see how they can sell this as a way to learn Madden given the differences in how it is played compared to the traditional game. Again though I think this was just the groundwork for a 3vs3 or 4vs4 Online Team Play type mode to come in Madden 10.

Eckberg also notes that Online Franchise will require a code found in new copies of the game and shows off a couple of screenshots of the iPhone app. Noted are some of the drawbacks such as no salary cap and restricted trading options. Hopefully since the mode is run server side areas that are lacking will be improved upon around release or during the course of the year. I suspect just as Online Dynasty did for NCAA Football 09, Online Franchise will extend the life of Madden longer for many people than ever before. Given that EA should be there to support it.