Online Franchise Website and Madden Shop

Posted July 29th, 2009 at 9:23 am


Two aspects of Madden 10 that had remained unseen until now have been the websites for Online Franchises and the Madden Shop which is a HUB for downloadable content. Operation Sports has images of the Online Franchise website and functionality while TeamXbox has laid out the contents of the Madden Shop.

While the OF website is lacking in some areas such as the no ability for user generated content it has many of the basics with standings, schedules, and stats. It will also provide the possibility of completing tasks such as changing depth charts and drafting from the web. It should be enough to keep the owners of most franchises engaged outside of just playing their games but for the more involved owners they’ll be looking for another outlet such as independent forums to conduct league business.

As anticipated the Madden Shop has turned out to be the central location for accessing downloadable content. Similar to NCAA Football 10’s dynasty boosters there are several things that could be purchased to provide advantages as seen in this screenshot. There is also the ability to purchase the code for Online Franchise (that comes free in new copies of the game) or Elite Status which opens up a new online lobby and ability to play All-Madden ranked games. My opinion continues to be that as long as everyone is on a level playing field online (and that means it must be blocked from Online Franchise) then DLC such as this isn’t bothersome. What concerns me more are the advertisements that have appeared increasingly distracting as witnessed in the videos.