NBA 2K10 Preview and Screenshots

Posted August 5th, 2009 at 6:06 pm


Gamespot has posted up a preview of NBA 2K10 along with 12 new screenshots from the game. Areas discussed in the preview include improved commentary, better court spacing, addition of the D-League, and the My Player mode.

But you might also notice a sense of space on the hardwood that simply wasn’t present in previous iterations. As developers put it to me, that’s because the proportions between player size and the floor had gotten a bit out of whack in older games, resulting in players that were slightly larger than in real life. The team took a look at all of the player models in NBA 2K10 and made size adjustments across the board, with the result of having a slightly more open feel to the play on the court.

Check out the full preview here and the screenshots can be found here and leave your thoughts in the comments!