The Line Drive 8/17/09

Posted August 17th, 2009 at 7:22 am


  • The Madden 10 Online Franchise app for the iPhone will not be out until sometime in September. Apparently delays have caused it to be pushed back from the intended release alongside the game.
  • The Gamestop preorder incentive for NBA Live 10 is now known and thankfully it is not tied to a demo or any particular game feature. Instead it will be a copy of the soundtrack given away.
  • ESPN takes an amusing look at the lowest rated players at each position or category to put together the worst possible team in Madden 10.
  • Grand Slam Tennis for the 360/PS3 has been delayed indefinitely. The reason being provided is that the team is working on the expansion for EA Sports Active. It would not surprise me though if GST has been scraped outright however.
  • FIFA 10 release date has shifted to 10/20 after initially being slated for the first week of October. No surprise there since EA was not going to release two games the same week (NBA Live 10).
  • A big deal was made out of a press conference to announce the signing of a legend to EA Sports MMA this past weekend. That legend ended up being Randy Couture, who we not only have been aware was attached to the game for months now but was also known to be the cover representative.