How Good Are Favre and Vick in Madden 10?

Posted August 20th, 2009 at 9:19 am


Yesterday brought about the much heralded additions of Michael Vick and Brett Favre to Madden 10. The ratings are out there (VickFavre) but how effective they are in the game can not always be determined by looking at ratings. Continue on for analysis of the two players while user controlled and CPU simmed.

m10vick1Michael Vick

Having run my franchise with Pat White I knew that would be a good basis to judge Vick from. He definitely has a quicker release and a little more zip on his passes while his accuracy is slightly better. Mobility wise Vick is quicker but they are comparable in that regard in threat to the defense. Where I came into problems with Vick is when I tried to lead receivers or fit the passes into tight spaces. The ball tends to sail and accuracy is certainly inconsistent. I do feel much more confident with Vick however as a passer than White while both are somewhat prone to fumbling when on the run. I definitely can see people preferring to use Vick as a starter, though utilized more sparingly he would be a dangerous weapon to keep the defense on its toes.

I simmed three different seasons as the starter taking all the snaps to find out how Vick would fare. The player ratings should produce realistic results.

QB Rating: 77.4, 76.8, 59
TDs: 24, 29, 22
INTs: 11, 18, 27
Yards: 3682, 4057, 3409
Avg Yards: 230.1, 253.5, 213
Comp/Incompletions: 305/586, 346/641, 283/595
Comp %: 52, 54, 48
Rush Att: 94, 88, 106
Rush Yards: 341, 309, 397

So in the simmed seasons the CPU doesn’t have Vick running very much while coming in way high on passing yards and TDs. Vick has never averaged over 200 yards a game passing and never had a season with over 20 TDs. However QB rating and completion percentages come in almost dead on to career averages.

For comparisons sake in one sim I moved Seneca Wallace and Pat White to become starters. Wallace had a strong season with a 82.8 QBR, 34TD-19INT, and 3639 yards. White struggled though with a 61.7 QBR, 12TD-15INT, 2519 yards and only 50% completions.

m10favre1Brett Favre

It was immediately evident that Favre’s arm strength and quick release remain great traits in Madden. I was able to hit some passes that I would’ve had no chance with had it been Pat White. Favre’s accuracy is also decent and a huge upgrade over Tavaris Jackson though comparable to Sage Rosenfels. Biggest difference there is throwing deep downfield Favre is the guy you want back there. His mobility is also good enough to occasionally scramble or buy time in the pocket.

I simmed three different seasons as the starter taking all the snaps to find out how Favre would fare. The player ratings should produce realistic results.

QB Rating: 86.2, 80.1, 82.4
TDs: 27, 21, 23
INTs: 9, 10, 11
Yards: 3237, 3061, 3076
Avg Yards: 202, 191.3, 192.2
Comp/Incompletions:  287/507, 287/506, 294/503
Comp %: 57, 57, 58

Favre’s passing yards being down would make sense given the run oriented team, but you’d also think he’d be hitting some big passes to the speedy receivers at times. What stands out most is the lack of INTs even with fewer pass attempts. Favre hasn’t thrown less than 15 INTs in a season since 1996. So maybe his accuracy ratings, especially the deep accuracy, really are too high and we’re seeing the product of that in the simmed results.