NBA 2K10 My Player Mode Detailed

Posted August 25th, 2009 at 7:17 pm


2K Sports has posted up a blog posting detailing the My Player career mode that arrives with NBA 2K10. The article details areas such as player creation, camp, D-League, day-to-day action in the NBA, and online pickup games. The release of Draft Combine in the early AM hours tomorrow for the 360 and next week for the PS3 will offer a jump start to the mode. You can read it in full here.

NBA is a Team Sport. Piggybacking off of the Authenticity point, we felt that emphasizing team play over ‘me first’ play was very important in our design. Players who try to overly-dominate the ball and/or otherwise play in a fashion that is detrimental to the overall success of their team will not reap the rewards this mode has to offer. On the other hand, those who respect their teammates, set picks on offense, box out for rebounds, double team when called for, will earn a much larger amount of Skill Points in addition to better grabbing the attention of the NBA scouts who are looking to fill their teams.

Though it lacks in a few areas such as trades I like the sound of the mode especially due to the challenge of working your way up. It might be nice to have an option of playing through the mode as a high profile talent out of college, but if given a choice between the two directions I would prefer it the way they have it set up. I also dig the online component with the pickup games and how that will be configured but that will be dependent on whether online runs properly this year. Career modes have been hit or miss in other titles but I’ve always felt it would be a natural fit for an NBA game so it’ll be interesting to see how enjoyable My Player turns out to be.