The Line Drive 9/2/09

Posted September 2nd, 2009 at 6:54 am


  • In response to the story on the AFL Legacy downloadable content EA has informed me that they are working on a “comprehensive” DLC pack that includes AFL content. However the description and pricing listed on the PSN store in affected regions apparently was incorrect. So it appears there will be even more to what was already a worthwhile DLC pack but it will probably not be free.
  • The next roster update for Madden 10 will come post final cuts. Most likely it will arrive Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday next week in time for the NFL season’s opener on Thursday night.
  • Are you one of the hundreds of thousands of people to experience the excitement of Season Showdown (according to the official press release)? No? Well get caught up in the fever as the regular season of Season Showdown in NCAA Football 10 has opened!
  • EA Sports has made it official that they will no longer be producing Nascar licensed games. Not really a surprise here even with them attempting to champion sales for Nascar Kart Racing. The Nascar license isn’t necessary for an arcade racer targeting that demo on the Wii and they had already dropped the sim offerings.
  • NaturalMotion has announced the Backbreaker Tackle Alley mini-game will arrive in the iPhone app store later this month. Tough to say how it will translate as I didn’t find the full blown mini-game terribly compelling when I tried it out at E3. It could potentially work well however as a distraction on a mobile device.
  • Joe Rogan has posted up a video of himself and Mike Goldberg recording some audio for UFC 2010. Nothing about the game to learn from the video except that clearly it’s in active development and likely to be out next summer to compete with EA MMA.