Dynamic Season and Live Run Descriptions

Posted September 15th, 2009 at 6:37 pm


The NBA Live 10 features known as “Dynamic Season” and “Adidas Live Run” have been kept under wraps. While the full details of what they entail is still to come presumably via blogs and previews there were vague descriptions of them included in the demo. Also confirmed from the demo is the inclusion of a “Playoff Mode” which is a welcome return for those people who don’t want to work through an entire season of Dynasty and not be assured of even making the playoffs.


Dynamic Season appears to be aimed at people who have wanted a way to play along with the current NBA season. By going on a day-by-day basis or using Rewind games it will be possible to play the season out under real world circumstances. While it sounds great in theory, I have to wonder how many people have the patience to continue moving in a season at that pace. Not to mention how many will still be playing Live 10 come April and beyond.


Live Run sounds as though it will offer some form of pickup games online in the mold of Online Team Play. What I like about this is not only that you get to select the player you want to control and strategically form a team with others, but also that it is playing to 21 instead of a full game. It has always made sense to provide some online options that can be completed in 10-15 minutes as opposed to the 45+ minute commitments of most standard games.