First Chance To See NBA 2K10

Posted September 19th, 2009 at 12:27 pm


At an event last night sponsored by 2K Sports, Kobe Bryant faced off against Carmelo Anthony in a game of NBA 2K10. The quality of the video is not good but isn’t much worse than the quality of the live stream from that event.

Should this video be used to judge NBA 2K10? Of course not. It was likely set to a low difficulty and the two guys didn’t even know how to play the game (Kobe asked “how do you dunk” before they started).

However when a game is two weeks out from release and there is no gameplay footage and no demo out it is only natural that people are going to analyze the video and make some conclusions or express some concern. Certainly this event was not an ideal showcase for the first look at gameplay but this is how 2K chose to let their game be shown publicly for the first time. Hopefully this development motivates 2K to release true high quality gameplay footage early this coming week.

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