Live Run Details for NBA Live 10

Posted September 25th, 2009 at 5:30 pm


EA Sports has released a new blog detailing the Live Run mode that has been added for NBA Live 10. Live Run is essentially an Online Team Play pickup game to 21. However the blog goes into great detail on the specifics that make the mode stand out including the venue, rules, as well as player selection and the choosing of uniforms and shoes. There is also a portion of the blog detailing the squad formation, stat tracking, leaderboards, and website integration.  Four short gameplay clips featuring the Live Run mode are featured. Check out the full blog posting here.

Along with the environment and player visuals are gameplay changes to make this mode feel like a pick up game. Rules have been adjusted to keep the game flowing. You’ll play a game up to 21. Scoring is by 1’s and 2’s. Fouls have been tuned down, so you won’t see guys shooting free throws. Violation has also been adjusted to keep the pace going. Once you get your hands on this mode, you’ll see just how fun it is with the mode specific gameplay.

As mentioned previously I really like this concept because the experience is more compact. Not everyone has 40+ minutes to commit to a single game. Being able to choose the player you control also makes it inviting because no one is getting stuck controlling a guy they don’t have interest in. Make sure to check out those videos and leave your thoughts on Live Run in the comments.