Heroes Major Character to Be Killed Off

Posted October 14th, 2009 at 4:13 pm


Heroes continues to drop in the ratings and following the girl-on-girl kiss (ratings desperation) comes another supposed shocker. Ausiello reports that a major original male character in a one-time hit show is set to be killed off in the near future. Apparently this development came a surprise to the actor who only learned of this from reading the script. E Online confirms and reveals that the series in question is in fact Heroes.

So what characters are in danger? Peter and Nathan, Sylar, Noah, Matt, Mohinder, Ando and Hiro. Given that this is supposedly meant to be a shocker the recent storyline that Hiro is dying would seem to make him too obvious. Mohinder has not even shown up this season so he’d be expendable if he does reappear. Nathan is basically gone I don’t see how he could be classified as being killed given the circumstances. Sylar and Peter to me seem like staples of the show they would never get rid off. My guess is Matt is on the way out with Noah as a sleeper possibility.

One problem with Heroes post first season is that there has been no real threat to the characters. Several have died only to return later (they have powers after all) but that leaves the audience with no sense of suspense. Whether this is a move to change that or just an attempt at getting the show more attention remains to be seen.