FIFA 10 Game Face Struggles

Posted October 24th, 2009 at 11:45 am


The Photo Game Face feature has been used in previous EA Sports titles such as Tiger Woods. This year it arrives for use in FIFA 10 as your Virtual Pro. Unfortunately it has become an exercise in frustration and finishes up with a poor final representation. There are over 5000 comments on the Game Face page and most have to do with problems being had or the lack of Mac support.

The whole process behind Game Face is extremely tedious. First go to the website and login. The EASportsWorld or EAFootballWorld sites have always loaded extremely slow which just makes things worse. Once you login you may be directed to a page that doesn’t even have a way to start setting up a Game Face. In several instances I ended up having to circle around numerous times until I actually found a page where I could begin the process. Once finally in there are two required software downloads that must be made for the program to run.

Despite claims on the website Game Face does not work with Firefox. Don’t bother wasting your time logging in and starting to set everything up. Eventually there is a point where the screen will just be blank and nothing else can be done and none of the progress will be saved. Game Face right now only works in Internet Explorer.

If you do eventually get a photo uploaded and the face generated then there are a bunch of options for tweaking the properties of the face and adding hair or facial hair. Thankfully there are more hair options now than in the past however for some reason there are still no choices for long hair. It seems odd that created players can not have long hair when even many soccer stars do.

My first completed attempt was made and unfortunately the program didn’t render him any eyeballs so I scrapped that one. The next attempt was tossed when it appeared my guy had a severe skin condition. After investing so much time and experiencing so much frustration just getting to that stage with them I gave up. It was no longer worth it.

The biggest problem people seem to be having is with the character once transferred over to the game. While many have been seemingly satisfied with the face while viewing it on the computer, once in-game it has changed in some manner or appears awkwardly fit on the body.

Many may not even be aware of the feature though I expect that the majority of those who are won’t have the patience to go through this process. Add to that how the final result is not even turning out well and this feature has become a big disappointment.