Madden Ultimate Team Announced

Posted November 3rd, 2009 at 7:34 pm


Gamespot has a first look at Madden Ultimate Team which is similar in concept to FIFA Ultimate Team which released last year. This will be a downloadable update which will add the mode to the menu of the regular Madden 10 game. The FIFA version of Ultimate Team cost $10 however in a surprising move Madden Ultimate Team will be free. Check out the full preview here.

after loading it up for the first time…you’ll be given a randomized set of cards, enough to get you up and running right away….Those cards include players, stadiums, playbooks, coaches, injury cards, and contract cards, and the quality of the card will be reflected in its status as either a bronze, silver, or gold card….Playing games with your team, you’ll earn credits that you can then use to buy bronze, silver, or gold packs full of more cards you can use to bolster your team. You’ll also be able to spend real-world cash to buy in-game credits.

Obviously EA is looking to rake in some money off those who will pay for in-game credits but by making MUT free they have also increased the value of Madden 10. With sales showing continued strength this year this new mode could make Madden an even more appealing gift over the holidays.

Madden Ultimate Team does not have a solidified release date though EA Sports is shooting for early January. While that would coincide with the NFL Playoffs the mode is a perfect fit for the offseason. Continue on for the Gamespot video featuring MUT and leave your thoughts in the comments!